Pierlite Vandalux T8 [1310 X 140 X 120](mm) 1 X 28W T5 El 7.0Kg


Technical Specification

The benchmark range of fluorescent luminaires for hostile, vandal-prone environments or adverse industrial applications.

– Pressure die-cast, low copper aluminium alloy body with powder coat plant finish in RAL 8301 grey

– Models can be customised to suit specific applications, environments and operational criteria

– Optional prismatic, clear or opalised lens covers in polycarbonate or acrylic polymers

White powder-coated gear tray has screw locators and lanyards for ease of maintenance

– Replaceable single piece EPDM gasket ensures the high IP66 rating

– Cable entry via 20mm threaded ports at both ends plus provision via centre of the base

– Various accessories allow mounting on to wall and pole brackets, supplied separately

– 18W emergency versions have a thermally isolated battery housing annexed to the body


– Heavy industrial areas

– Railway stations

– Wharves

– Sports grounds

– Carparks

– Construction sites

– Maritime areas

– Factories

– Mine Sites

– Schools