Philips UVCA 200 UV-C Disinfection Floor Standing Air Unit | Kills 99.99% of Bacteria and Viruses Including Delta and Omicron Variants

by Philips
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Technical Specification

For nearly 50 years Phillips has been providing UVC
solutions from drinking water purification, surface
decontamination to air purification.
As one of the original pioneers of UVC solutions
Phillips has a long history of providing quality, safe
and reliable solutions.

4 Hotels
4 Offices
4 Meeting Rooms
4 Accommodation blocks
4 Lounges

Features & Benefits Product highlights
4 Industry best 254nm UVC tubes
4 Non ionizing, ozone free technology
4 Safe for use in occupied areas
4 Tough commercial grade design
4 Fully serviceable with replaceable UVC tubes
(tube life approx. 9000hrs)

Production Data

UVC Portable Disinfection Unit Specifications

Disinfection Performance: 99.9% in 20m3 / 90% in 80m3 (over a 2hr operation period)
Power Consumption:  120W ±10%
Surge Protection:  2kV
UVC Built in Lamps:  4 x 18W PL-L (Replaceable)
UVC Wavelength: 254nm
Ballast HFP:  218/236
Timer 30/60/120 mins ; constant on
UVC lamp maintain:  Yes
Indicator for lamp maintenance:  Yes
Safety start:  Yes
Wind Speed:  3 Step
Air Exchange Volume:  550±10%m3/h
Operating Temperature: 5-40 °C
Dimensions:  724 x 326 x 326 mm
Material & Finish Rugged steel structure encased in a tough UVC resistant plastic.
Standards IEC 60335.1 & -2-65/EMC Cisp 14, ROHS compliant

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