Natural Ebb Family

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Ebb Family B

Technical Specification

The light comes as an assembly kit. So it needs to be assembled by customers.
Click HERE to see the guidance video.

Ebb lights were first launched as fully assembled lamps made from plastic and wood components. In 2015 they were redesigned as kitset which reduced the effects of shipping. Now the Ebb family of Swell, Bounce, Roll, and Drop are made from Birch plywood. A much more sustainable feature pendant light. Which can be made easily at home by you! Ebbs patterns are inspired by the lines of water.

Bulb and ceiling rose as these are not included.

Width: 580mm (23”)
Depth: 580mm (23”)
Height: 250mm (10”)
2.4kg (5lb)

Height: 750mm (30”)
Width: 280mm(11”)
Depth: 280mm(11”)
2.4kg (5lb)

Height: 450mm (18”)
Width: 450mm (18”)
Depth: 450mm (18”)
2.4kg (5lb)

Height: 610mm (24”)
Width: 340m (14”)
Depth: 340m (14”)
2.4kg (5lb)

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