LEDsmart Plus Button Dimmers/Switch

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Technical Specification

Rotary Phase Dimmer Kit with built-in tap on / off switch and multi-way control. Compatible with PDL, HPM and Clipsal switch plates.



  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Two-way / multi-way dimming and switching
  • Integrated tap on / off switch
  • Dim to OFF with most LED light sources
  • ‘Two wire’ design – no neutral connection required
  • Programmable minimum level, maximum level, kick-start, off state indicator and more
  • ‘Quick flick’ dim to maximum or minimum dimming level
  • Illuminated halo with changeable coloured rings
  • Kid’s bedroom mode – double tap when on to dim down over 30 minutes
  • Wake up mode – double tap when off to dim up over 30 minutes
  • Selectable fall-back LED Indicator level
  • 1W – 400W load
  • Optimised for LED lighting loads
  • Diginet Sitara™ System compatible

Diginet LEDsmart+ featuring MultiMate Technology

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