Frisbee & Frisbee Xl LED Bollard IP65 4000K Natural White

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Technical Specification

Frisbee LED Bollard 600mm or 900mm high, modern and stylish look, available in various colours. Suitable for civic parks, open gardens, footpaths, shopping centers, plazas, forecourts and along driveways.

-Direct symmetric distribution IP65 bollard

-Die-cast aluminium IK10 body, polyester powder coated, eternal treatment

-243mm Diameter 16W LED, integrated driver contained in head, pre-wired 2000mm lead

-Option of 600mm or 900mm pole, or can be retrofitted to existing pole

-3000K/ 4000K CRI>80; 50,000 hours

-Choice of 4 colours and 5 finishes

-Also available in XL-503mm 84W

Colour: White, Black, Rough Grey, Brown, Rusty
Finishings: Stone/ Granite, Elm, Mahogany, Pine, Oak.

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